Entre Cîmes et Racines was a serene retreat! The charming eco-lodge nestled in nature offered a peaceful escape. The treehouse accommodations were unique and cozy, blending harmoniously with the surroundings. The organic cuisine was delicious, and the spa was a sanctuary of relaxation. A perfect eco-friendly haven for nature lovers!”

Repère Boréal was a tranquil paradise! The eco-lodges amidst the boreal forest were enchanting. The minimalist design and eco-friendly approach offered a serene escape. The outdoor hot tubs and Nordic baths were invigorating. The attentive staff and natural surroundings made it an unforgettable retreat for nature enthusiasts. A perfect Quebecois getaway!”

Fantastland Hotel was a whimsical delight! The themed rooms and vibrant decor brought childhood dreams to life. The family-friendly atmosphere and exciting amenities, such as the indoor water park and arcade, created endless fun. The staff's enthusiasm and hospitality added to the magical experience. A fantastic escape for all ages!”

Whispering Springs Treetop Tents was a nature lover's dream! Nestled in the trees, the glamping experience was enchanting. The spacious tents were cozy and well-equipped. The outdoor showers and wood-fired hot tubs were a unique touch. The serene surroundings and starlit nights created an unforgettable retreat. Perfect for a peaceful escape!”

West Point Lighthouse was a charming coastal escape! The historic lighthouse turned inn offered a unique experience. The cozy rooms featured stunning ocean views. The picturesque setting was perfect for relaxation. The on-site museum and nearby beach added to the appeal. A delightful retreat for a peaceful and scenic getaway.”

Fogo Island Inn was a true masterpiece! The stunning modern architecture perched on the rugged coastline was breathtaking. The minimalistic and comfortable rooms showcased panoramic ocean views. The genuine hospitality and locally-inspired cuisine made it an unforgettable stay. A remote and extraordinary experience, capturing the essence of Newfoundland's beauty.”